Theaters and other companies:

theAtrainplays - Everyone's favorite "theater without a net." - a terrific, free online guide to resource listing of hundreds of and play playwrights.

The Drama Book Shop - the pre-eminent New York theater bookstore, where my plays are for sale and where I've held readings.

The Dramatists Guild - the professional association which advances the interests of playwrights, composers, lyricists and librettists writing for the stage. I'm one of their more than 6,000 members . . . and you can find my picture on their home page.

Dramatists Play Service - the publisher of my plays Months on End, Somewhere in Between, Life is Short, Choosing Sides, and The Dunes, as well as The Gorges Motel, for which I am one of the writers. - a terrific site for reviews and information on New York theater.

Playscripts Inc. - publisher of theAtrainplays, including my plays It's Not You, Tourist Attraction and The Best Way to Go.

Playwrights on the Web - a great resource and listing of hundreds of playwrights.

SkyTown Entertainment - They produced my short film January and I wrote a short industrial for them that you can see on their video page.

Washington Square Arts - the theatrical management (and film production company) that represents my work.

Winter Harbor Theatre Company - Portland, Maine's terrific alternative theater founded by Caitlin Shetterly. I'm an Artistic Advisor to the company.

Some of my friends' websites:

Ryan Duncan - a terrific actor from Altar Boyz and many of theAtrainplays, and who co-starred in my short film January.

David Hilder - A hyphenate: Actor-Writer-Director-Raconteur. (Okay, I added the last one, but he's a funny and talented guy!.)

Arlene Hutton - A good friend and terrific writher, author of Last Train to Nibroc and other plays.

Lisa Ingram - a wonderful painter, who happens to be married to my friend Jay Zimmerman (see below), and a good friend of mine as well.

Joshua James - fellow playwright with a wild sense of humor.

Deborah Zoe Laufer - A terrific playwright and fellow "Bookie." (We took Marsha Norman's Book Writing for Musicals workshop at the Southampton Writers Conference this summer. Thus "bookies.")

Robin Rice Lichtig - Fellow writer and memember of the Manhattan Oracles playwrights group, who lives in the building I grew up in, and grew up in the Berkshires near where my family has a house! Coincidence?

Michael Ogborn - a wildly talented composer/lyricist and my collaborator on our musical project Dot Comet.

Jeremy Schonfeld - a great songwriter, my friend and collaborator on Drift.

Darcie Sciciliano - a fantastic actress that I work with as often as I can. She's one of my absolute favorites, having starred in Months on End, There's No Here Here, several Atrainplays and most recently my short film January.

Jeremy Schonfeld - a great songwriter, my friend and collaborator on Drift.

Adam Szymkowicz - a wonderfully inventive playwright and fellow Atrain and 24 Hour Plays veteran.

Kelly Younger - Terrific playwright and professor at Loyola Marymount in Los Angeles.

Jay Alan Zimmerman - a wonderful and quirky composer, and good, good friend. Did I mention "quirky"?

and last, but not least:

The Beatles - because I love the Beatles. Ask anyone who knows me.


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